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  • CIT's Maths Online is implemented via CIT's Blackboard Learning Management System. All CIT students taking a MATH or STAT module will be enrolled automatically for Maths Online. If you find that you do not have Maths Online among your module lists on Blackboard, then you can enroll yourself online following the instructions at resources/mathsonline/ .
  • , this website has a range of maths resources including videos and online exercises on Matrices, Vectors, Differential Equations and Complex Numbers.
  • , this is a very user-friendly maths website. It is particularly relevant to first and second year students. It covers topics including Algebra, Trigonometry, Differentiation, Integration, Functions and Vectors. It contains notes, videos and online tests.
  • , a comprehensive array of numerous statistical terminology. This is a website on a range of topics in statistics up to a fairly advanced level of statistics.
  • , has notes on topics including Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Differential Equations, Complex Variables, Matrix Algebra and Laplace Transforms can be found here.
  • , an extensive maths website for all maths learners up to postgraduate level.
  • , Khan academy has a wide selection of short maths videos which are very popular among students.
  • , this is a maths dictionary.
  • , this is a statistics support website with some online tests. It has material on topics including Probability Distributions and ANOVA.

Julie's Top Tips

Attacking a Maths Question


CROUCH: Sit at table and open the books

TOUCH: Read the question

PAUSE: Identify exactly what the question is asking and what info is given.

ENGAGE: Give it a go!


Check out this Maths Cartoon by CIT Student, Tomas Martin: