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Semester Two 2017



Mathematics and Statistics support, 12.30 - 2.30pm, D259A, Mr. Ali Naeem

Bio chemistry support, 5 - 6pm, D259B, starting with 1st years Monday 13th Feb and 2nd years Monday 20th Feb 2017, Ms. Catherine Dawson

Financial Accounting and Management Accounting support, 11 - 12pm, D259B, Ms. Sarah Culhane

Mechanics support, 12.00 - 2.00pm, B241L, Mr. David Hodge

Mechanics/Thermofluids Support, NMCI, 6 - 8pm, N0.26, Mr. David Hodge  

Maths and Statistics Support, 4 - 6pm, D259A, Mr. Ali Naeem 

Physics, 5 - 6pm, D241, Mr. Adam Shabib



Economics support, 12 - 1pm, B231, Ms. Niamh Lenihan

Mathematics and Statistics support, 12.30 to 2.30pm, D259A, Mr. Ali Naeem 

Mechanics support, 5 - 7pm, B223, Mr. David Hodge

Electronics Support, 1 - 2pm, B245, Mr. Oliver Gough




Maths and Statistics Support, 12.00 - 2.00pm, D259A, Dr. Catherine Palmer

Programming Support, 11am to 12noon, B231, Ms. Linda O'Sullivan

Programming Support, 1 - 2pm, B231, Ms. Linda O'Sullivan

Materials Science Support, 1 - 2pm, B233, Mr. David Hodge

Physics Support, 5-6pm, NMCI, room 0.32, Mr. Adam Shabib

Thermodynamics Support, 6-7pm, NMCI, room 0.32, Mr. Adam Shabib



Maths Support for Maths 6000 First Years, 12 - 1pm, B240, Ms. Jackie English

Physics support, 1 - 2pm, D259B, Mr. Adam Shabib

Thermofluids support,5 - 6.30pm, D259B, Mr. Adam Shabib

Maths and Statistics Support, 4 - 6pm, D259A, Ms. Grainne Reed



Maths and Statistics Support, 12 - 1pm, D259A, Mr. Jeremiah McCarthy