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Dr. Julie Crowley

Dr. Julie Crowley
Maths Lecturer

University College Cork, 1998-2002
MSc Department of Mathematics, University College Cork, since 2003-2004
PhD Department of Mathematics, University College Cork, 2006-2009


Born in Cork, Julie started a Joint Honours Degree in Mathematics and Physics in University College Cork in 1998, graduating in 2002. During her final year of her degree her teaching career began as she tutored first year engineers. In 2003, she started a research masters in Mathematics with Professor Finbarr Holland in University College Cork during which time she continued tutoring mathematics. After graduating with an M.Sc. in 2004, Julie then spent some time in Eastern Europe settling in Warsaw, Poland. In Spring 2005, Julie returned to Cork as most Corkonians do. She started lecturing Mathematics at Cork Institute of Technology. During her time in C.I.T. Julie lectured maths to physics, computing, engineering, business and culinary arts students as well as lecturing in the National Maritime College of Ireland in Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork. In October 2006 Julie returned to education. She started her Ph.D in Mathematics with Dr. Tom Carroll of University College Cork on the topic of Brownian motion. Throughout her Ph.D. she tutored maths to computing, science, commerce and arts students. At the end of 2009, she returned to CIT as a lecturer of Mathematics.



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