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How does the ALC function?

Just "drop-in"!


  • Students are invited to “drop-in” without prior booking
  • Students can check the timetable online and come along to the subject/s support sessions they need
  • All ALC support sessions are free of charge and open to all CIT students
  • Students may attend as many subjects and sessions as they wish - in fact many students attend every week and have built up good communication with lecturers resulting in increased confidence facing assessments and exams
  • Lecturers are present during the scheduled ALC support times to answer students’ varied queries
  • Students are required to sign an attendance sheet at each ALC support session
  • Students are welcome to call to the ALC Coordinator, office D259 for advise and up-to-date ALC information
  • What to expect @ the ALC


Student Referral to the Academic Learning Centre


Students are often encouraged to attend ALC support sessions by their lecturers and course co-ordinators. Lecturers, please refer your students to the ALC should you feel they need the extra subject support. A referral slip is available to down load here, which the student can bring along to the ALC office located in D259. The students will then be advised on the specific learning supports available in that subject and encouraged to attend the relevant subject support sessions. Lecturers can download a short referral form here.


Student Application for Academic Learning Support


Academic learning support provision may be extended outside of the current subject provision where appropriate and feasible. Students may apply for academic learning support through the ALC Office D259, by submitting this form.