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About the ALC

The Academic Learning Centre, formerly the Learning Support Centre opened with its first subject clinics in Maths, Programming, Physics and Electronics on 10th October 2005, and is now in its tenth academic year. The initial Learning Support Centre was supported by the HEA IT Investment fund and the CIT Development Office. The Academic Learning Centre is currently structured within the Student Retention and Engagement Initiative of the Office of the Registrar and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The ALC has strong links with the Academic Departments and the majority of the ALC support lecturers are departmental lecturers.

The ALC is the only third level IT learning centre in Ireland to diversify its provision into a variety of cross-departmental academic subject areas.

The well-appointed suite of rooms, located in D259 have 9 new PCs with internet access, printing and copying facilities providing a casual student-centered environment, where students can access important academic resources such as Blackboard, Web4 Exam Papers and meet with academic support lecturers of the respective departments in a relaxed setting outside of the classroom to discuss any queries they might have on a subject.

The Academic Learning Centre allows students to raise specific stumbling blocks in a casual relaxed learning environment, where students feel comfortable working away at their own pace. Students are encouraged to focus on specific learning problems, while the support lecturers intervene in a natural way to fill the learning gaps and follow the student’s specific learning needs.

Academic subject support sessions are run on a continuous weekly basis throughout the academic year. The regular timetabled subject provision appeals to many students, across departments with assessments, project deadlines and exams at different times in various subjects during the academic year. Therefore students “drop-in” as and when they need to, and we catch the students who are in need of academic guidance at different times throughout the year. In addition a highly successful Summer Programme is offered, for four consecutive weeks leading right up to the autumn repeat examinations. This is geared towards students who are required to sit the autumn repeat exams.        

All of the subject support sessions delivered by the Academic Learning Centre are free of charge and open to all CIT students taking the subject as part of their course. Students attend from a broad spectrum of disciplines; Science, Engineering, Computing, Business, and Building & Architecture. Many of the regular attendees have built up good communication with the lecturers resulting in increased confidence facing assessments and exams. Information on the Centre’s activities is disseminated via student publications, course lecturers, dedicated notice boards throughout the campus and the Centre’s own website.

The ALC current academic subject support provision includes the following subjects; Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Programming, Networking, Electronics, Economics, Chemistry, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Mechanics, and Thermo fluids.

Academic subject support sessions are provided where feasible, in response to students’ learning needs and demand. The ALC also offers a regular needs analysis survey, the results of which are the foundation for planning ahead and filling the current learning support needs of our students through focused academic learning support interventions.